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Merrimack New Hampshire offers great golfing opportunities for the entire family. You can find courses for all skill levels and financial ability. All of the top names in the industry are located in Merrimack, but you can also find a great number of small country clubs that offer outstanding golf and entertainment.

A good Merrimack course will feature a championship course layout. You can find high-quality tees, and fairways as well as plenty of trees and mature foliage. Because of these features, your shots are usually easier to control and your scores tend to be more consistent. Courses with foliage and smooth greens make for better golf shots and fun games with family and friends.

The type of terrain you will be playing on is another consideration when choosing a Merrimack course. This may seem obvious, but if you want a challenging course to play, consider a mountain setting. Most courses in this area have lots of rugged terrain and have only a few fairways. Some have tight fire roads and long and narrow holes. Others, such as Brickell Village Golf Club, have wide fairways and more open layouts.

Popular courses for the kids at Merrimack include Brickell Village Golf Club and Bellevue Country Club. At Brickell Village, the best way to play is to rent a golf cart and take your pick of any of the three 18-hole par three's that are scattered about the course. If you want to play some other challenging courses, there are plenty of choices nearby as well. Check out the Mt. Washington Golf Course, Addison Park Golf Course, and Lakeside Country Club.

During the summer, Merrimack New Hampshire offers a fantastic selection of golfing opportunities. The North River Golf Course, which is located near a ski slope, has a number of challenging water hazards. At Lake Mills, the Oyster Creek Golf Course has a variety of green layouts and has two water hazards: one to cross and one to go under. The Folly of Bear Mountain Park and Country Club offers nine holes of rugged terrain.

Do not forget to check out Merrimack's various museums and art galleries. The Merrimack Valley Art Center, which is right next to the Merrimack Valley Golf Course, has a large collection of modern art and is home to the Merrimack Gallery. There are numerous other galleries to check out in the area as well.

Some of the top family friendly courses in Merrimack include Deerfield Farms, Ridgefield Golf Club, and Wintergreen Golf Club. Deerfield Farms features more challenging fairways, a par five championship course and is set on eighteen acres of lush greens. Ridgefield offers three eighteen hole courses for your practice. Wintergreen Golf Club has several eighteen-hole courses to choose from. The third course is called Creston Park and offers more of an easy, laid back style.

Merrimack New Hampshire offers a huge selection of lodging and dining options. Whether you are looking for a comfortable hotel or a casual campground, there is a perfect choice. Other good lodging choices include the Lenox Outlets, Comfort Inn, and the Inman Suites in Lenox. Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Suites, and Days Inn have a wide variety of lodging options as well.

Merrimack New Hampshire offers many options for golfing vacationers. The Centennial Hills Golf Course is known for its challenging layout, green fairways, and clubhouse. The Stirling Golf Club offers a varied array of play, including par fours and par five's. The historic Inman Park Resort & Club is a fine location for a family getaway. It features five eighteen-hole championship courses and several challenging driving ranges.

Merrimack New Hampshire has world-class shopping, fine dining, and golfing opportunities. Paddle wheel boat rentals are available and supplies and equipment can be found at a reasonable cost. In areas like Inman, Wildwood, and Wildcat Hollow. Board games like pong and console are common at the Merrimack fairways.

April 2nd, 1746 Governor Benning Wentworth signed a charter establishing that the land from Pennichuck Brook to the Souhegan River became the Town of Merrymac. At that time less then 50 families lived here. Pawtucket, Nashuaway and Penacook Indians camped along the banks of the Merrimack and Souhegan Rivers.

The Merrimack Valley is a bi-state region along the Merrimack River in the U.S. states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. ... Major cities in the Merrimack Valley include Concord, Manchester and Nashua in New Hampshire, as well as Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill, in Massachusetts.

The distance between Boston and Merrimack is 42 miles. The road distance is 51.4 miles.

DescriptionMerrimack is a town in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was 25,494 at the 2010 census, and an estimated 25,660 in 2017, making it the ninth-largest municipality in New Hampshire.

There are four villages in the town: Merrimack Village, Thorntons Ferry, Reeds Ferry, and South Merrimack. Wikipedia